Boats/Marine Insurance

One of the best parts of Long Island is the 600 miles of breathtaking coastline. Here, thousands of boat owners can enjoy sailing, fishing and relaxing in the sun. Of course, it’s much easier to enjoy your sailboat, Jet Ski or yacht when you have personal watercraft insurance (PWC) protecting you at all times.

Just like on the road, accidents can happen on the water. PWC insurance protects you and your property in the event of an incident.  It covers:

  • Property damage to other boats or docks
  • Bodily injury suffered by you or someone else, and the medical bills associated with that injury
  • Guest passenger liability
  • Theft of your watercraft

Remember that if you have multiple boats or watercrafts, you may qualify for a multi-boat discount.  You can always purchase additional lines of coverage for things like:

  • Emergency Services – Should an emergency situation arise, you’ll be covered for the associated service costs.
  • Wreck Removal – If your boat is involved in a crash or wreck, you are required by law to remove it from the water and dispose of it properly, which can be costly. With wreck removal coverage, those costs are taken care of.
  • Reasonable Repairs – Costs associated with the repairs needed to protect your boat from further damage will be covered.
  • Accessories – If you have a trailer or other boat accessories that need protection, this type of supplemental coverage will be beneficial.
  • Umbrella Liability – In the event that the liability costs of a claim surpass your basic policy limits, umbrella insurance will take care of the rest.

You deserve to enjoy your time on the water without having to worry about the ”what ifs”. Contact Shore Line Insurance Agency, Inc. of Long Island today for a free PWC insurance quote and to learn more about the types of maritime coverage you may need. Call us at 631-744-1200 or fill out the contact form on this page.