General Liability Insurance

Let’s face it—in today’s world, one of the biggest risks that business owners face is liability claims. Something as simple as a customer slipping and falling in your store could result in a frivolous lawsuit that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, commercial general liability (CGL) insurance can protect you and ensure that your livelihood is never in jeopardy.

What does CGL insurance cover?  

  • Bodily injury and medical payments – In the event that someone is injured on your company’s premises—or you are responsible for an accident that takes place on someone else’s property—you’ll be covered for the resulting medical expenses.
  • Personal injury – While bodily injury claims involve physical injuries, personal injury includes claims of liable or slander, which are also covered under CGL policies.
  • Property damage – If you or one of your employees is responsible for third-party property damage, your CGL coverage will take care of repair or replacement costs.
  • Legal defense costs – Even if you are not found responsible for frivolous claims filed against you, lawyers are expensive and legal fees can add up. CGL insurance will pay these costs.

Who needs CGL coverage?

Whether you run a large corporation or own a small business, commercial liability is part of a comprehensive business owners’ policy (BOP). In addition to professional liability insurance and commercial property insurance, the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends CGL coverage as a must-have for all small companies. In reality, it’s something that ALL organizations need—big OR small.

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