Commercial Property

As a local leader in risk management solutions, Shore Line Insurance Agency, Inc. understands that risk management is one of the most important parts of ensuring the financial security of your business. This process involves identifying where potential risks may lay, then designing strategies to mitigate potential loss. We recognize that your commercial property is an asset. Protecting it with commercial property insurance means eliminating coverage gaps that leave you susceptible to financial loss.

My business operates out of a rented space; do I still need commercial property insurance?

Absolutely. Your commercial property isn’t limited to the land on which your building is situated or the building structure itself. Your furniture, signage, equipment, supplies and inventory are all considered your commercial property. What if an expensive piece of equipment is stolen? What if your office furniture is damaged in a fire or your company’s outdoor sign is vandalized? Repairing and replacing your property in addition to the financial burden of business lost during company downtime can add up.  Business interruption coverage—part of a comprehensive commercial property policy—reimburses you for any amounts lost.

My business insurance needs are unique. Will a standard commercial property policy keep me protected?

No two businesses are the same, so why should their coverage be? Shore Line Insurance Agency, Inc. considers a variety of factors when tailoring a policy to your specific needs. We begin with a thorough inventory of your physical assets, including computers, machinery, phone and fax systems, furniture, valuable documents, in-house inventory or materials, fencing, and signs. We then consider the replacement cost of these items and compare it to the actual cash value, creating an insurance package that is both complete and affordable.

If you have questions about what commercial property insurance covers, you aren’t alone. Contact the experts at Shore Line Insurance Agency, Inc.; call 631-744-1200 for more information.