Professional Liability

As a professional service provider, you face a unique set of risks. While a general liability policy may protect you if someone is injured on your property—or if you cause damage to someone else’s property—it does NOT protect you if:

  • You are negligent in the services you provided
  • You fail to uphold contractual obligations
  • The services you provided were incomplete or incorrect
  • The services you provided contained errors or omissions

Professional liability insurance—also known as errors and omissions insurance (E&O), professional indemnity, and malpractice insurance—protects you from some of the most costly claims you could face. Without it, the cost of legal fees brought on by a lawsuit could be financially debilitating. Professional liability insurance covers your legal fees and any losses incurred by a third party due to negligence or error.

At Shore Line Insurance Agency, Inc., the services we offer center around risk management. Our philosophy is that the proactive elimination and transfer of risks result in asset protection and financial security.

This begins with an in-depth risk analysis in order to identify coverage gaps. Then, based upon that information, we reach out to a wide array of carriers to see which one can offer you the most comprehensive insurance package—including professional liability coverage. We present you with a proposal that is both tailored to your specific needs AND reasonably priced. Should you find yourself facing a claim, you won’t face it alone; our agents guide you through the settlement process.

Contact us to find out more about the services we offer, including a line-by-line audit of your current policy. Call us at 631-744-1200 or fill out the form on this page; our agents look forward to hearing from you!